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A native of DeLand, I have lived throughout the US, studying and practicing massage and bodywork, yoga, and nutrition, through a variety of disciplines.

I received a BA degree at Virginia Tech, am a graduate of the Oregon School of Massage, am Board Certified by the National Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and have practiced as a Licensed Massage Therapist for 28 years in Oregon, Montana, New Mexico, and Florida, in clinics, spas, sports settings, and private practice.  I have designed course curriculums and taught Massage Technique, Hydrotherapy, and Yoga classes in the US and in Costa Rica.

My practice integrates several bodywork modalities with the use of hot and cold applications for relaxation, Myofacial and deep muscle tension release, athletic performance, stretching and joint mobility, injury management, Fibromyalgia, and lymphatic flow.  Ongoing education in anatomy, physiology, bodywork, yoga, and nutrition are an essential part of maintaining my own knowledge and the integrity of my career.


 Since 1987, I have developed my own personal yoga      practice, experiencing first-hand, the body's ability to      heal itself through movement and intention.  After          studying several styles of yoga intensely in the US,          including Bikram Choudhury's Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and    Classical Hatha Yoga in Portland Oregon, I received        International Teacher Certification and Yoga Therapy   training in 1994 at Patanjali Yoga Center, Kathmandu, Nepal, under the guidance of Yogacharya Sushil Battacharya.  I have been teaching Yoga classes and individual sessions ever since. 

My teaching style offers a down-to-earth practicality learned through ongoing study with accomplished teachers, experience from years in the classroom, and through working individually with hundreds of students with conditions like post-operative and traumatic stress, injury, chronic pain, pregnancy, obesity, cancer, and advanced stages of degenerative diseases.  My yoga practice and lifestyle emphasize simplicity, devotion, the reduction of stress, and appropriate exercise and diet, all adapted to serve the varying needs of maintaining balance.  


During the early years of my career, I realized that Massage Therapy and Yoga complement each other and offer a unique balance against the constant pressures of modern-day stress that we all feel.  Using these methods, it has become my goal to assist others in their own ability to create a healthy lifestyle and find independence from whatever they are ready to break away from, be it physical pain, or simply a situation. 
The long-term client-therapist relationships I have developed through my practice have enriched my life with understanding for those who suffer with pain, illness, stress, and trauma.  Each client who steps into my office is an individual with something to offer my own life, and the interaction we have is what makes the experience of my work worthwhile. I consider myself a participant in the healing process...not "the healer".  When the client also participates in the process, being open-to and ready-for the treatment, we have witnessed miracles together. 



I am an Independent Yoga Educator, and my credentials are not affiliated with any organization that regulates or mandates Yoga Teachers.  I teach about the value of personal freedom on all levels of the human experience.  I embrace my own standards for my Yoga education and the training of my students, and am willing to be held accountable for living up to those standards.  I value my freedom to conduct my relationships without coercive interference by third parties, and resist any entity that assumes the authority to license or regulate me as a Yoga Educator or to enforce its standards upon me. (adapted with permission from Leslie Kaminoff, Independent Yoga Educators of America: www.iyea.us)



  • "With her combination of great skill and relaxing atmosphere Summer Moore definitely has the best to offer. Every pinched nerve I had got worked out without ever having to go to the doctor. I wouldn't trust anyone else to put their hands on me. Thanks for all the work, you'll be seeing me again soon."
David Dias, Wildlife & Critter Control Specialist 

  • "After the completion of a few sessions, I want to thank you most sincerely for agreeing to accept me as a client.  I know I bring some physical complications that are not the norm; may I say that you are meeting the challenge and doing more than I had hoped for.  The process you have introduced me to is definitely making a difference in how I feel everyday. I have been searching for a flexibility regimen that will assist me as I grow older; you are designing the process superbly.  I look forward to further refinements and to your advice / counsel on healthy living."  

Michael Holladay, USMC 

  • "Thank you for the very focused and beneficial therapy that you have been providing for the last two years.  Besides the tension taming benefits, my back pain has fallen under control.  Since I started my visits, I haven't had to use any of the prescribed medication. Can only wish to have met you sooner." 

‚ÄčRafael Pasarell, Artist and Business Entrepreneur 

  • "Wow! I can move my arm!  The Deep Tissue work and stretching you did on my arm released the pain I had been having for a couple of weeks.  Always a joy to have work done!"              

Mary Gary, Insurance VP, Herbalist, Gardener, and Outdoor Enthusiast

  • "I always know that I will get the benefit of Summer's complete attention coupled with her years of experience and training.  Each massage is tailored to where I am at and what I need that day, with helpful recommendations to continue that sense of wellness. It is relaxing, rejuvenation, and a healthy indulgence." 

Greg McCann, College Professor, Founder of McCann & Associates Consulting Firm



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